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People ~ Pride ~ Privilege

People are the driving force of Tougaloo College. As a member of the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association, your ideas and input can play a dominant role in the growth and development of your Alma Mater.

Pride in Tougaloo College can inspire Alumni to stay connected to TC through the Alumni Association.

Privilege of Alumni Association Membership can remind alumni that they are one of the College’s greatest assets, and that they are appreciated. It also provides the privilege to vote on issues and programs relative to TCNAA.

Timing Is Everything

I gave at the office…I think?
Alumni often wonder why they are asked to pay Alumni Association dues despite having contributed to the Tougaloo College fund raising campaign. While your contributions are vitally important to Tougaloo College, your TCNAA dues help support those programs sponsored by TCNAA and the college (they enhance each other ).

Alumni Association membership dues go directly to support the programs described below.  These programs are designed to serve alumni by keeping them in touch with Tougaloo College and to serve the College by representing the more than 5000 alumni who have a stake in the success of our Alma Mater. Our hope is that you will choose to be a dues-paying member of the Alumni Association and that you will also provide financial support through the College’s fund-raising appeals. Don’t miss our opportunity to be a part of this winning combination.

Alumni Publication (TAB)
Periodically the Tougaloo Alumni Bulletin brings Tougaloo College to your doorstep. Alive with the latest happenings on campus and feature articles of alumni throughout the world, TAB helps alumni to maintain their Tougaloo College connection.

Alumni Chapters
Alumni Chapter network includes chapters throughout the United States. Operated by local volunteers, the chapters offers members the opportunity to socialize and interact with fellow alumni. In addition, alumni chapters play a vital role in supporting the College by assisting in recruitment efforts and fund-raising.

College Concert Choir
The Association provides support for the Tougaloo College concert choir tours.

Pre-Alumni Council
TCNAA supports the Tougaloo College Pre-Alumni Council’s programs. These programs work to foster good relations between students and the alumni and to introduce students to the Alumni Association. Some of the major supports to the Council are; attendance at UNCF regional and national conferences, and helping to organize and implement the Miss Tougaloo UNCF Pagent. The queen represents the College at the National UNCF Conference and participates in the Lou Rawls Tele-Thon.

Class Reunions and Commencement Activities
Class Reunions and Alumni Activities during commencement weekend are favorites among alumni. Planning committees comprise of reunion class members from each class work with TCNAA to organize and to implement these activities (including the State of the College Luncheon and the Annual Alumni Banquet).

Alumni Hall of Fame
The Association sponsors the induction of outstanding alumni into the TCNAA Hall of Fame annually.

TCNAA Regions
The Association helps to organize and implement regional programs, i.e., conferences, etc.

National UNCF Alumni Association
TCNAA holds membership in the UNCF National Alumni Association and participates in programs sponsored by the National Association.

Office Support
TCNAA shares with the College in maintaining and operating the Office of Alumni Affairs.

TCNAA Scholarship
The Association’s scholarship fund supports Tougaloo College students by underwriting necessary expenses.

These are just some of the many ways in which the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association serves you and the College.

Don’t delay! The Time is NOW!
The TCNAA Membership Application is available online and a downloadable mail-in form .

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