Who We Are

TCNAA Board of Directors Officers

Mr. Cornell Lynch ’08, Chairman

Dr. Tanya Bartee  ’96, Vice-Chairwoman

Dr. Courtni Newsome ’04, Secretary

Vacant, Assistant Secretary

Tougaloo College National Association Officers

Mrs. Joyce Small Delk ’72, President

Mr. Hosea R. James  ’00, Vice President

Dr. Ro’chelle Williams ’14, Secretary

Mr. Brian Harrington ’15, Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Sylvia Woodard ’02, Treasurer

Ms. Carolyn White, ’79, Business Manager

Mr. Carlos D. Smith ’05, Parliamentarian

Rev. Cassius Rudolph ’14, Chaplain

Mr. David Miller, Eq. ’72, Immediate Past President

Mr. H. T. Drake ’50, President Emeritus

Mrs. Doris Bridgeman ’69, Director of Alumni Affairs

Alumni Representatives to Tougaloo College Board of Trustees

Mr. Elane Coleman ’70 (2021 – 2024)

Dr. Brigetta Turner ’82 (2023 – 2026)

Pre-Alumni Council President

Ms. Carla Smith ’24

Regional Representatives

Northeastern Region (2023-2025) – Dr. Umekei Smith ’99

Midwestern Region (2022-2025) – Ms. Rose Raimey ’79

Western Region (2022-2025) – Mr. Melvin L. Smith ’15

Mid-South Region (2022-2025) – Ms. Alisha Brinson ’01

Southeastern Region (2022-2025) – Dr. Tanya Bartee ’96

At-Large (2022-2025) – Mr. Cornell Lynch ’08

Chapter Presidents

Atlanta – Mr. Sterling Dunkley ’89

Chicago – Mr. Michael J. Cleveland ’17

Dallas-Fort Worth – Ms. Jeannie Coe Flood ’79

Detroit – Mr. Herbie Banks ’64

MS Gulf Coast – Mrs. Gloria Grace ’80

Houston – Ms. LaDonna Harris ’88

Jackson-Tougaloo – Dr. James Smith ’76

Memphis – Mr. Houston Sneed ’20

Nashville – Mr. Michael McLendon ’92

New Orleans – A. Malessia Payton ’76

Greater New York – Dr. Courtni Newsome ’04

North Carolina – Dr. Angela Gobar ’76

Tougaloo Community – Mrs. Beverly Williams ’81

Washington, DC – Dr. Ro’chelle Williams ’14


TCNAA Committees

Committee Members

Committee Function

Commencement Steering Committee

Plan and implement alumni programs and activities for Commencement Weekend

Membership/Reclamation Committee

Chair: Ranada Robinson, ’02
Vice-Chair: Sandra David-Jones, ’83

Plan and implement programs and events that will stimulate TCNAA membership. To Report membership status periodically during the year.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Shirley Byers, ’75
Vice-Chair: Hope E. Goins, ’02

Review the Association’s by-laws and the Chapter Guide for updates and corrections annually.

Annual Alumni Giving Fund Committee

Chair: Jeannie Coe-Flood, ’79
Vice-Chair: Charles Molden, Jr. ’10

Plan and implement programs and events for the College annual Giving Fund.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Melody Fisher, ’00
Vice-Chair: Chasity Tillman, ’00

Plan and implement the TCNAA Scholarship and Loan Program.

Hall of Fame Committee

Chair: Kerry Thomas, ’07
Vice-Chair: Barbara Hillard, ’62

Plan and implement Hall of Fame/Chapter awards activities and programs (See Chapter Guide, Section XIII and Section XV).

Finance Committee

Chair: Herman Porter, ’73
Vice-Chair: Carolyn White, ’79

Plan the annual Association budget and monitor budget monthly.

Audit Committee

Chair: Adrienne Walls, ’00
Vice-Chair: Shirley Carson-Evans, ’82

Audit the Association’s financial operations annually.

Benevolence Committee

Chair: Geraldine Turner, ’72
Vice-Chair: Khira Turner-Jobe, ’99

Send resolutions in case of death of TCNAA member or immediate family member. See Chapter Guide Article XVI. Add item E (Resolutions Management)

Nominating & Election Committee

Chair: Emleigh Mitchell, ’00
Vice-Chair: Carlos D. Smith, ’05

Coordinate all TCNAA nomination and election matters.

Tougaloo Alumni Bulletin

Editor:  Frances Whitehurst, ’76
Editor:  Freddi Evans, ’77

Publish the Tougaloo Alumni Bulletin.

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