About the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association

 The objectives of the Tougaloo College Alumni Association (TCNAA) and its Chapters are: 

·         To establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Tougaloo College and its alumni and friends;

·         To serve as an agency to interpret the mission of Tougaloo College to the public;

·         To serve as a clearing house for the employment of Tougaloo College alumni and students;

·         To recruit alumni and friends as supporters for Tougaloo College and TCNAA;

·         To recruit prospective students for Tougaloo College;

·         To sponsor and support programs and activities which will enhance the image, mission, interest(s) and ideas of Tougaloo College and TCNAA; and

·         To encourage alumni members and friends to make financial contributions to the Tougaloo College Annual Giving Fund. 

Coronavirus Notice Message
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all TCNAA branded merchandise is available via online purchase ONLY. In person ordering has been suspended until further notice.