TCNAA Membership Committee

Dear TCNAA Life, Sub-Life, Annual and Prospective Members:

As Chair of the Membership Committee, I want to thank you for your continued support of TCNAA, its programs and initiatives. The primary role of TCNAA is to support Tougaloo College, its mission and the student body. Your continued membership and the support have provided us with dollars to donate to the college, award scholarships, assist with student activities and other TCNAA initiatives to help us be more responsive to the concerns and needs of alumni. Over the years, Doris Bridgeman, Director of Alumni Relations has had to weather all needs of alumni while juggling those of TCNAA. Because of your membership commitment and support of our major fundraiser (Hall of Fame), we have been able to hire a part time Administrative Assistant. This has been a win-win situation, as we can better maintain our data base to ensure that your contact information is correct, which allows you to be in receipt of all updates regarding TCNAA.

Many alumni have chosen to become life members or sub-life members. This is definitely encouraged! Please be reminded that from the point life membership of $500 is paid, you are stuck with us forever. Your “Life Membership” certificates are awarded at the “State of the College” luncheon during commencement weekend. Sub-Life provides you with a little more time to pay for your life membership, however you are afforded the same privileges as a regular member. These payments are made in $100 increments for 5 years and must be paid by July 1 of each year to be considered active for the entire year. You will receive a gentle reminder prior to the payment due date. Being consistent with these payments helps us with our membership totals and our bookkeeping efforts. Annual membership begins on July 1 of any given year and expires on June 30. We are aligned with the college’s fiscal year. Please do not be discouraged if you did not get your dues paid by July 1; you can still pay, and this is encouraged; however, your membership expires on June 30.

TCNAA needs your membership! The larger we are, the more we can get accomplished! We can contribute more to the college, provide more scholarships and begin our planning for a National Alumni Conference for 2019.

We continue to maintain our relationship with the College Bookstore as members get a discount on purchases.

Elane Coleman has been working tirelessly to provide a membership application on the TCNAA website. This form will allow you to become a new member, renew your membership, pay your subscribing membership and most importantly update your contact information. Please know that although the college may have your updated information, because of confidentiality laws, it cannot be shared with TCNAA.

The Membership committee is excited about welcoming our perspective members!

Joyce Small Delk ’72, MPA
Chair of the Membership Committee

Go to to join TCNAA online Today then make a secure payment through the TCNAA ecommerce portal. Or  download a Mail-in forms  at: