TCNAA Chairwoman’s Message

Fellow Alumni:

Thank you for your unwavering support of Tougaloo College National Alumni Board and the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association (TCNAA).  Your steadfastness defines the determination of an Eaglet that continues to soar even under dire circumstances.  As alumni, we have weathered our storm, righted our ship, and have continued to be engaged and supportive of our alma mater.   

As TCNAA moves forward under the current administration, the Board is committed to working in concert with the leadership of the Executive Committee to: strategically establish and implement initiatives, prioritize efforts in the best interest of our stakeholders, allocate resources responsively, and keep alumni energized and focused on the goals of our great institution.  These combined efforts will foster the continued growth, visibility, and prosperity of our alma mater, Tougaloo College, a nationally recognized heralded, diamond in the rough.


As we prepare for our milestone 150th anniversary, a special thanks goes out to President Beverly Wade Hogan, the great leader of this institution, who recently announced her retirement. As she prepares to leave these hallowed grounds to explore other avenues, let’s show our appreciation for a job well done!  Let’s work collectively as alumni to make this her best year ever!

Tougaloo College has a special meaning for each of us!  This institution nurtured us, educated us, and prepared us for our future endeavors.  Lest not forget how critical our support is to the continued viability and sustainability of our Eagle Queen. Let’s work tirelessly to ensure that our institution remains strong, competitive and affordable.  Let’s continue to soar like Eagles, providing financial and in-kind assistance where needed!  Let’s promote our institution, whenever, wherever, and to whomever we can!  We are energized!  We are torch barriers!  We are Tougalooians!   

Joyce Small Delk ’72, MPA

TCNAA Board Chair