Tougaloo Alumni Bulletin Committee

Frances Whiteurst ‘76, Co-Editor
Natosha Pengarthit ‘18, Co-Editor
Freddi Williams Evans ‘77, Co-Editor
Carolyn Price ‘71
Tamala Boyd Shaw ‘96, Co-Editor
Hosea R. James ‘00
Doris Bridgeman ‘69
David E. Miller ‘72
Elane Coleman ‘70, Web Editor

The Tougaloo Alumni Bulletin is published electronically biannually by the Tougaloo College National Association, Incorporated for it’s members and the Tougaloo College alumni community of graduates and friends. A pdf version of this publication may be download via the TCNAA TAB website: click or the button below.

The TAB staff welcomes the submission of articles of interest to the Tougaloo College alumni community.  Please go to the link at: to download the TAB Submission Guidelines.  Articles may be submitted electronically to