Joyce Small Delk ’72, MPA, Chair

Your continued commitment to the mission of the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association, as we work collaboratively in our efforts to support the College, our President, her cabinet, and most importantly our students, is unparalleled.  Our local alumni chapters, under the direction of phenomenal leaders, have allowed us to continue to grow our membership, increase our alumni involvement, and our alumni giving.

Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted most colleges, most specifically HBCUs, Tougaloo College alumni have shored up their support and have continued to join the association.  Our chapter presidents continue to lead by example and their alumni membership is encouraged to join and support the association.  Both our membership and alumni giving are in sync.   Our members continue to be consistent givers to the College.  Our membership is represented across all graduating classes and at all levels, however, Life and Sub-Life memberships continue to lead in the membership categories.  Our young alumni are more engaged and lend a hand when and wherever they are asked.  Tougalooians continue to be aligned with our goals to support the College and our students.
Please be reminded that Tougaloo College and our students need our support more than ever during these perilous times.  COVID 19 continues to wreak havoc and our traditional ways of doing things have shifted. A strong supportive alumni association is imperative and impactful.  We are a strong force that makes a difference.  We need to continue to encourage and galvanize alumni to join the association and support the College. 

To date, TCNAA has a total of 553 active members. This includes 395 Life Members, 114 Subscribing Life members and 44 Annual members.  We all know that the number of alumni donors, not the amount of the contribution, makes the difference when we reach out to foundations and corporations for donations.  The annual membership fee is only twenty-five dollars ($25), and it includes a 10% discount at the bookstore, an opportunity to vote in all of TCNAA elections, and an opportunity to work with a group of alumni that are dedicated and committed to the viability and sustainability of our beloved Tougaloo College.  

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for our supportive staff and our volunteer base. A special thank you is extended to Vicki Patterson-Davidson, Ph.D. in her role as TCNAA Administrative Assistant and Elane Coleman for his role as TCNAA Administrator and TAB Editor. They continue to work diligently with Doris Bridgeman, our Director of Alumni Relations, to ensure the accuracy of membership information and maintenance of our database.