Houston Chapter Thanks David Miller for Exemplary Work as TCNAA President

Emleigh Mitchell ‘00, President

The Houston Chapter would like to thank outgoing TCNAA president, David Miller for his untiring service to the national alumni organization over the past three years. During his tenure, he and his administration have moved TCNAA to a new level of excellence. Miller says the three major accomplishments he is particularly proud of are: 1) Increasing the TCNAA account balance from $15,000 to approximately $100,000 which included netting over $100,000 with Hall of Fame events; 2) Increasing TCNAA membership from about 600 to over 1,000, and 3) Bringing back transparency and getting people involved in TCNAA.

Miller is not new in his dedication and diligent work for Tougaloo. Anyone who knows Miller knows he wears his love for Tougaloo on his sleeves and in his heart. Miller is a proud member of the class of 1972 and very much looking forward to celebrating his Golden Reunion next year. He is a charter member of the Houston Area Alumni Chapter. He was the Director of Alumni Affairs from 1994 to 1997, served two terms as Alumni Representative, served several terms as president of the Houston Area Alumni Chapter, was a Western Regional Representative for TCNAA, represented Tougaloo as a past National Alumni Council member for the UNCF and has the distinguished honor of having been inducted into the Tougaloo College Alumni Hall of Fame. He is the third TCNAA president from the Houston Area Alumni Chapter.

Miller says the biggest challenge for the incoming TCNAA administration is to not duplicate what he did, but to do better. He says it is incumbent upon the new administration to “Get young members to join and become active members of TCNAA, continue transparency and build on what his administration put in place. Develop its own agenda; make it better.”

Regarding getting young alumni more active, Miller says, “It’s not just a Tougaloo problem. Other UNCF member institutions are trying to get the young alums involved. In order to make the organization grow–even if you think they are flawed—you need to come into the organization and help solve those problems and flaws. Come in and change from the inside. Give us your vision, your ideas, and passion, not only on the national level, but also at the chapter level. Support your institution.” Miller says that only about 12-13% of Tougaloo alums give back to the College. That equates to about 650 alumni when we have over four to five thousand.” When the percentage of alumni giving back increases, it puts the president of the College in a better position when she is raising money for the institution.

Miller’s mantra when he took office in 2018 was, “Leave the organization in a better position than when he started.” The highlights of his administration shows that he accomplished it. Miller says, “It was truly my pleasure and my honor to serve as president. I would like to thank everyone who worked with us and supported us. I will give all my support to the new administration.”

The Houston Chapter looks forward to David’s continued work for the College and for all the work he continues to do with the local Houston Chapter.