Representative Bennie Thompson ‘68 Chairs the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Thompson is the first ever elected official from Mississippi to preside over the Democratic National Convention. His job as permanent chair was to moderate all official convention business.
As the DNC Permanent Convention Chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., presided over all official business at the Democratic National Convention hosted mostly virtually from the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee from Aug. 17 to 20.

Thompson is the longest-serving African-American elected official in the State of Mississippi and the lone Democrat in the Mississippi Congressional Delegation. A champion for civil rights, the congressman has also served on the Agriculture, Budget, and Small Business Committees to level the playing field, according to his official biography on the House of Representative website.

Dr. Carmen Walters Announced the Mississippi Delegate Votes at the 2020 DNC on National Television

Tougaloo College President Carmen Walters announced the Mississippi Democratic delegate votes for the party's nomination for president during the DNC on August 18, 2020. To view the video, go to:


TCNAA Alumnus of the Year​

Doris Carolyn Griffith Bridgeman ’69, is a lifelong, active member of Cade Chapel M.B. Church and has been employed by Tougaloo College as Director of Alumni Relations, Executive Director of the National Alumni Association and serves as advisor to the Pre-Alumni Council for the past 13 years. She began her first tour of duty in 1973 in the Tougaloo College Development Office and served as Office Manager and Assistant to the Director, respectively. Prior to returning to Tougaloo College, after 28 years, Doris served as Director of Youth Programs and Volunteer Services for United Way of the Capital Area for 23 years, where she involved youth and adults in community service and service-learning activities on a year-round basis. During her tenure, she developed youth programs that have been replicated in other United Ways across the country and in South Africa. Since 1983, she has worked with faculty, staff and students of Tougaloo College to engage them in Service Learning and Volunteer Services.

With a commitment to servant-leadership, Doris has affiliations with several community organizations and continues to facilitate various workshops and serve as speaker for many churches, schools and community organizations.

Congratulation to the Newly Inducted TCNAA Hall of Fame Member
The Class of 2020

Founder’s Day Reviews

Missed an event from Founders’ Week? No worries. Watch them now on channeltougaloo – YouTube at
The following events are available:

  • 151st Founders Convocation
  • The Coronation Ceremony of Mister and Mr. Tougaloo College
  • Presidential Lecture Series
  • SGA Installation Ceremony
  • JPS and Tougaloo Signing Ceremony
  • Forum on Social and Political Justice
  • Addressing Minority Health Challenges in the Era of COVID-19
  • Unveiling of the Coach Lafayette Stribling Gymnasium Floor
  • Dedication of the Dr. James C. Coleman Athletics Complex Entrance Sign
  • “The Journey of A Thousand Miles” Alumni Panel
  • Tougaloo-UCLA Partnership Signing
  • 151st Founders’ Celebration Kick-Off


“Alumni Participation Matters – Tougaloo’s focus remains clear: to provide students
with a transformative educational experience!”

2020-2021 Financial Goal: $1,226,200

Goal for # of Donors: 1,500

“Every Gift Counts!”

Alumni Financial Update – July 1, 2020 – November 2, 2020

1869 Annual Fund: $ 47,360.76
Designated Restricted: 10,451.99
General/Designated Scholarships: 26,405.00
Endowments: 15,932.04
Total Raised to Date: $ 100,149.79
Percentage of Goal: 8.17%
Total # of Alumni Donors to Date: 196
Percentage of Donors Goal: 13%

2020 Home Depot Retool Your School 

Fifty-four Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) competed to win $50,000 in campus improvement grants through the annual Home Depot ‘Retool Your School’ competition. We are excited to announce Tougaloo College as the 2020 winner.

The Home Depot strives to give back to our nation’s HBCUs as they have so generously given to their communities a strong foundation, renewed purpose, and distinctive character.

Since 2009, the Retool Your School Program has provided over 2.6 million dollars in campus improvement grants that allow HBCUs to make sustainable improvements to their campuses.

In 2019, to celebrate the Retool Your School Program’s 10-year anniversary, Home Depot increased its support to HBCUs by offering ten $50,000 campus improvement grants.

[Watch the video]   [Read More]

Renner Hall House 2 repairs
Renner Hall House 2 repairs
Lights and sign repairs in A. A. Branch Residence Hall

Upcoming 2021 TCNAA Election  

Elections will be held for TCNAA President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and one of the two Alumni Representatives to the College Trustee Board in 2021.  In accordance with the current bylaws these officers will be elected by a plurality of votes casted by the active TCNAA members.
The nomination and election shall proceed as follows:

  • Nominations may be made by any currently active TCNAA member (dues paid by January 30) or by any active TCNAA local chapter.
  •  Nominee must be a currently active TCNAA member.
  • Nomination forms to be sent on or before February 1, 2021.  Forms must be returned on or before February 28, 2021.
  • Nomination forms are to be sent to:
  • Nominees that meet all criteria will be added to the ballot and sent to all active TCNAA members (dues paid by March 30, 2021). Ballots will be sent to the address on file with TCNAA.
  •  Ballots are to be returned per accompanying instructions prior to April 30, 2021.
  • Nominees must submit a short biography (including name, class year, or last year of attendance, occupation, prior offices held in TCNAA (if any), chapter affiliation (if any) and a minimum of two methods of contact (email plus one other). Biography shall be included with the election ballot.
  • Nominees are encouraged to submit a headshot.
  •  The Nomination Committee will meet on a predetermined date for the purpose of tallying election ballots. All ballots will remain in the Tougaloo Post Office until the tallying date at which time the ballots will be secured by the Committee and the Director of Alumni Affairs for tallying.  Nominees may have a representative present during the counting of the ballots.
  •  The results of the tally will be presented to the TCNAA Board of Directors at the May Board meeting
    as well as all nominees will be notified of the outcome.
  •  All Officers shall be elected for a three (3) year term, which shall begin July 1, 2021.  None may be re-
    elected to hold a position for longer than six (6) consecutive years.
  •  A member is eligible to vote if she or he is in good standing financially with the National Association
    (Current Annual, Subscribing Life or Life Member).
  • An Honorary Member shall have voting rights and privileges, except the holding of national office.
  • Qualifications—A member is eligible to run for office if she/he meets the following criteria:
    • Must be a graduate or former student of Tougaloo College of Southern
      Christian Institute;
    • Must be a regular contributor to Tougaloo College financially or in-kind;
    • Must be an active member of a chapter when a chapter exists in her/his area; and
    • Must be a current dues-paying member of the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association.

Please go to the TCNAA website at: to obtain access to update your membership status and contact information, or contact for TCNAA membership assistance.  DONOT contact the Tougaloo College or the Office of Alumni Affairs as that may delay the process and result in you NOT receiving a Nomination Form OR Ballot!

Register today to vote in the 2021 TCNAA Elections! How? Be sure that your membership status is “ACTIVE.”

  • All members, confirm and update your contact information. Request access to your record via the TCNAA website at Your “Private Link” will be emailed to your email address on file or contact the TCNAA web administrator at
  • New and renewing Annual members must have dues paid by February 1, 2021 to receive a nomination form and by March 30, 2021 in order to receive a ballot. For new member sign-up go to

2019 - 2020 TCNAA Chapter Awards

1) The Dr. Walter Washington Award (Chapter Donation)
Presented to the Chapters contributing the highest total combined financial and In-kind amount to Tougaloo College.

3rd Place      Chicago Chapter, Mr. Willie Lewis, Jr. $5,700
2nd Place     Jackson Chapter, Dr. James Smith $6,550
1st Place      Washington, DC Chapter, Ms. Kathy Mosley $27,657.51

2) The Honorable Corneal A. Davis Award (Chapter Members Donating)
Presented to the Chapters whose chapter members donate the highest combined amount to the Tougaloo College Annual Fund.

3rd Place      Tougaloo Community Chapter, Dr. Beverly Williams $20,823
2nd Place     Jackson/Tougaloo Chapter, Dr. James Smith $22,916
1st Place      Washington, DC Area Chapter, Ms. Kathy Mosley $23,792

3) The Julia A. Bender Award (Highest Percent of Members Donating)
Presented to the Chapters having the highest percentage of its chapter members donating to the Tougaloo College Annual Fund.

3rd Place      Jackson Chapter, Dr. James Smith 38%
3rd Place      Memphis Chapter, Ms. Sylvia Gray 38%
2nd Place     New Orleans, Dr. Malessia Payton 44%
2nd Place     Greater New York Chapter, Dr. Courtni Newsome 44%
1st Place      MS Gulf Coast Chapter, Mrs. Gloria Grace 100%

4) The Lucille M. Fraser Award (Highest Percentage of TCNAA Members)
Presented to the Chapters having the highest percentage of members who are dues-paying members of TCNAA.

3rd Place      Jackson Chapter, Dr. James Smith 66%
2nd Place     Houston Chapter, Mrs. Emleigh Mitchell 91%
1st Place      Chicago Chapter, Mr. Willie Lewis 100%
1st Place      Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter, Mr. Pearlie Magee 100%
1st Place      Detroit Chapter, Mr. Herbie Banks 100%
1st Place      Memphis Chapter, Ms. Sylvia Gray 100%
1st Place      New Orleans Chapter, Dr. A. Malessia Payton 100%

5) The Dr. Naomi Townsend Award (Recruiting)
Presented to the Chapters recruiting the highest percentage of students attending Tougaloo College during a current term. Fifty-six (56) students were recruited by active chapters.

3rd Place       New Orleans Tougaloo Chapter, Dr. A. Malessia Payton 14%@8 recruits
2nd Place      Jackson Tougaloo Chapter, Dr. James Smith 23%@13 recruits
1st Place     Chicago Tougaloo Chapter, Mr. Willie Lewis, Jr. 32%@18 recruits

6) The H. M. Thompson Award (In-Kind Contributions)
Presented to the Chapter contributing the highest In-Kind valued amount to Tougaloo College and/or Tougaloo National Alumni Association; reported to the Division of Institutional Advancement.

1st Place Washington, DC Area Chapter, Ms. Kathy Mosley $3,490.51

Congratulations to these outstanding TCNAA chapters!

Special Recognition – The First 2019-2020 “Beyond the Call of Duty” Alumni Director’s Award – Office of Alumni Relations

Mr. John Page ’64, Corresponding Secretary, Washington, DC Area Alumni Chapter


Chicago Tougaloo Alumni Association

Willie L. Lewis, Jr. ’72, President

The Chicago Tougaloo Alumni Association was extremely busy this summer planning its first virtual event, “Crowns of Glory,” which was held Sunday, August 23, 2020. Participants included President Walters, who wore a fantastic hat as did Chaplain Maxine Bolden. Trustee Blondean Davis represented the Board of Trustees and gave an update on the college and the need for alumni to be active partners. We also honored two alumni who passed away, Addie Armstrong Hudson’70 and Bobbie Easterling Gray’68, who were faithful supporters of the alumni association and the college.

Our chapter had eight participants in the showcase: Ms. Evelyn Birdsong, Ms. Bertha Brown Richardson, Dr. Candice Burke, Ms. Cheryl Rutherford, Mr. Jerome Foster, Dr. Diana Grant Burke, Judge Lewis Nixon and Dr. Wale Morafa and Mrs. Dupe Morafa.. All prize money was donated back to the college by the four winners. Thanks to the committee headed by Dr. Diana Grant Burke, Rose Small Ramey, LaToya Fountain Washington, Evon Nixon, Jessica Switzer for spearheading this event.   

We have two announcements: First, Dr. Diana Grant Burke is the new system-wide Chief Medical Officer for Phoebe Putney Health System in Albany, Georgia. We will miss her enthusiasm and dedication to the college and the Chicago Tougaloo Alumni Association. Secondly, we also congratulate Mr. Thomas Gray, one of our former chapter presidents, a TCNAA National President, and a Hall of Fame Inductee, on his well-deserved retirement.

We had our own team in the UNCF 2020 Virtual Walk for Education. Lastly, we are honored to have been recognized by the Alumni Affairs Office in October at the virtual TCNAA Board Meeting.

Houston Area Alumni Chapter Hosts First-Ever Virtual A Night of Jazz Event 

Emleigh Mitchell ‘00, President

The Houston Area Alumni Chapter presented its 28th Annual Night of Jazz and a Touch of R&B event on Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 7pm via Facebook Live. The chapter would like to express their sincerest thank you to everyone that supported the Virtual Edition of the 28th Annual Night of Jazz and Touch of R&B. Your participation, as well as, the participation of your family and friends helped to make the Chapter’s annual scholarship event a HUGE success.

It’s always the goal of the Chapter to help support our young Tougalooians on their journey of pursuing a higher education. During the event, the Chapter highlighted its 2020 scholarship recipients, Ms. Taylor Collins and Ms. Haylee Blalock. They were awarded the Annell Thompson Jones Scholarships named in honor of 1987 alumna Beverly Caruthers’ mother. The evening was filled with great music by DJ Hi C from 97.9 THE BOXX, generous donations, guest appearances by Dr. Carmen Walters, Michael Diallo McLendon, Kelvin Gates, alums young and old, and how about the emcee for the evening, Mr. Karl ‘The Motivator’ Mayes?!?! Everyone was jamming in their seats. All we can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Again, the Houston Chapter would like to express that your support and financial donations helped to make our Night of Jazz and Touch of R&B a wonderful success!! We look forward to your participation next year for our 29th celebration. 

JTAC Annual Thelma Sanders Scholarship Dance Goes Virtual

James Curtis Smith, Ph.D ‘76, President

For over half a century, the Jackson Tougaloo Alumni Chapter (JTAC) has sponsored the Thelma Sanders Scholarship Dance (TSSD). For many years the dance was considered the “social event” of the holiday season. The dance provided an opportunity for alumni, friends, family and those who returned to Jackson for the holidays to gather and reconnect with old acquaintances while supporting a worthy cause.

Traditionally held during the Christmas season, the dance was the brainchild of the late Thelma Sander, a prominent Jackson business woman and civic leader who graduated from Tougaloo College in 1946.

You don’t want to miss this LIVE event! Join in for the fun and enjoy hits through the ages, comedy by Rita Brent, and chances to win amazing door prizes…including the Grand Prize of $2,020!!! If you joined the TSSD last year at the Hilton, you know the excitement we all had when we added the DRAW DOWN! Well, it’s the same thing this year. Every $25 ticket you purchase to the event enters you for a chance to win. The last ticket in the barrel WINS the grand prize. This year’s event will feature a Virtual Watch Party *Draw Down* $2,020 Grand Prize.

To sign up for your ticket and read more go to: and our new website at

MATAC’s Impact and Commitment

Sylvia Gray ’ 86, President

The Memphis Area Tougaloo Alumni Chapter (MATAC) pledges to continue to exhibit the highest level of commitment to Tougaloo College! We invite all Memphis Area Alumni to get INVOLVED, VOLUNTEER and SUPPORT the CHAPTER!

Check out MATAC’s Happenings.

Currently, we have 10 paid chapter members for 2020-2021.

MATAC partnered with the Washington Area Alumni Chapter to provide a series of discussions during the current environment of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. The panelists participating in the discussions were Tougaloo Alumni and Staff.

The third panel discussion, held on July 11, 2020, focused on current medical updates and the economic impact of Covid-19 on the African American Community. Panelists included Dr. LaTonya Washington, Dr. Terralon Knight, Dr. Princess Cry-Parker, Mr. Gregory Johnson and Mr. Alfred Applewhite.

Staying true to our commitment of giving back to the college and students, MATAC will present its 2nd Annual Virtual Talent Show Competition, “The Loo’s Got Talent,” on February 20-21, 2021. The event is billed to be a fun and engaging way to get Tougaloo alumni and friends to showcase their talents while raising funds for our Dear Eagle Queen!

The Greater New York Tougaloo Alumni Chapter Auction

Courtni Newsome ‘04, President

The Greater New York Tougaloo Alumni Chapter (NYTAC)* will be hosting an online auction to raise funds for our beloved Eagle Queen. All monies raised from this event will be donated to the Tougaloo College Annual Fund.

A variety of items and experiences, each donated by members of our chapter, will be available for bidding beginning at 12:01 a.m. EST, Saturday, November 21, 2020, and ending at midnight EST, Saturday, December 12, 2020.

The items can be viewed and bids placed by visiting our website at

Bidding will commence at 12:00 (midnight) on November 21, 2020 and end at 11:59:59 on December 12, 2020.

Registration is required in order to place a bid. Go to and select “My Account” to setup a customer account.

Go to “Live Auction” and start bidding on November the 21st. Bid on as many items as desired except items that you donated. An email will be sent to your registered email address for each accepted bid by all bidders.

Winning bidders will be notified via email at the conclusion of the auction with payment instructions. The email will contain a link to the invoice and payment gateway (PayPal). Accepted payment method will be by credit or debit card only.

If payment is not received within five (5) days from the date of the notice, the item will be relisted for the current or a future auction.

Items will be shipped to the shipping address on the bidder’s (customer) account after payment confirmation. NYTAC will ship all items within five (5) business days of receipt of payment, however, it cannot guarantee or specify a delivery time. Tracking information will be provided for all shipping.

Auction owners (contributors/donors) are not allowed to bid on their donated items, administrators are not allowed to bid on any item .

Each item has a reserve price (minimum bid) that must be met in order to declare a winner. Some items may have a “Buy Now” option.

Proxy Bidding (also known as Automatic Bidding) will be allowed – Our automatic bidding system makes bidding convenient so you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time someone places another bid. When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders don’t know your maximum bid. We’ll place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. We’ll bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder, or to meet the reserve price, up to your maximum amount.

For additional information, please contact us at

*The Greater New York Tougaloo Alumni Chapter does not have 501 (c) 3 status with the IRS.

The WATAC Report - October 2020

Kathy Mosley ‘72, President

At the intersection of social justice, unconditional love and committed dedication emerges leadership. Leadership has long been the hallmark of the Washington Area Tougaloo Alumni Chapter (WATAC). So, it is with deep appreciation to the WATAC ancestors* and to the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association that we receive the 2020 acknowledgements of:

  • The H.M. Thompson Award
  • The Corneal Davis Award and
  • The Walter Washington Award

We also want to acknowledge the first-time award of the Beyond the Call of Duty Award given to WATAC Corresponding Secretary, John Page for his unwavering service to the Tougaloo Nation. Truer words were never spoken…beyond the call of duty!

Our leadership continues to shine most recently with the stellar first-time virtual 2020 Hall of Fame Event chaired by Ro’chelle Williams. Several WATAC members hold active participation on the TCNAA’s Board of Directors: Cornell Lynch (Vice-President); Torrance Brown (Regional Representative); Ro’chelle Williams (Secretary); and Kathy Mosley (Chapter President). Attorney Shirlethia Franklin previously served as TCNAA’s Alumni Representative to the college’s Board of Trustees and has been recently appointed to serve on the college’s Board of Trustees. Torrance Brown, the Northeast Regional Representative, is currently developing a strategic plan to support the chapters of the Northeast region. WATAC has agreed to be the pilot chapter. Initially, a survey will be distributed to collect data providing a baseline for future protocols.  [READ MORE]

98th Year Birthday Salute to Dr. H.T. Drake 1922 Was A Very Good Year!!!

Happy Birthday to our TCNAA President Emeritus! We applaud your support to the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association Incorporated as its first President, Hall of Fame Honoree, and Alumnus of the Year.  Thank you for your loyalty in word and deed.  We acknowledge the establishment of the Henry T. & Maggie Burkhead Drake Endowed Scholarship Fund in 1992 to assist students in current and future educational endeavors. Thank you for encouraging donations to this scholarship fund as your yearly birthday present.  This effort has been a huge success over the years. GET FIRED UP!!!!


TCNAA is calling all officers and members to volunteer to serve on one of our Standing and/or Ad Hoc Committees.  The descriptions of these committees are outlined below.  Please know that most of the programmatic work associated with the Association is done on the committee level and not on the Board level.  If any alumnus wishes to volunteer for participation on one of the Committees, please feel free to reach out to Ro’chelle Williams, the TCNAA Board Secretary. Ro’chelle can be contacted via email at Thank you in advance for your participation.

ARTICLE IX  (Standing Committees)

Standing Committees of the Association shall be as follows and their terms shall be the same as elected officials. Common to all include requirements for transition of files and process from outgoing committee to incoming committee. [Read More]


Your continued commitment to the mission of the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association, as we work collaboratively in our efforts to support the College, our President, her cabinet, and most importantly our students, is unparalleled.  Our local alumni chapters, under the direction of phenomenal leaders, have allowed us to continue to grow our membership, increase our alumni involvement, and our alumni giving….

To date, TCNAA has a total of 553 active members. This includes 395 Life Members, 114 Subscribing Life members and 44 Annual members.  We all know that the number of alumni donors, not the amount of the contribution, makes the difference when we reach out to foundations and corporations for donations.  The annual membership fee is only twenty-five dollars ($25), and it includes a 10% discount at the bookstore, an opportunity to vote in all of TCNAA elections, and an opportunity to work with a group of alumni that are dedicated and committed to the viability and sustainability of our beloved Tougaloo College.
[Read More]

Welcome New TCNAA Members

New Life Members
Mrs. Leona Richards Bishop ‘1993, Jackson Chapter
Mrs. Lynda Woods Cleary ‘1972 Greater New York Chapter
Dr. Vicki Patterson-Davidson ‘1997, NA
Atty. Sherry L. Davis ‘1973, NA
Dr. Bettye Ward Fletcher ‘1970, NA
Mr. Larry Foster ‘1986, NA
Ms. Shana S. Harper ‘2001, Jackson Chapter
Ms. Kristi Kirkwood ‘2010, NA
Mr. Charles Douglas Lewis ‘1976, NA
Ms. Amanda S. Mims ‘2007, Washington Area Chapter
Ms. LaWanda Weatherspoon Parks ‘1992, NA
Ms. Phoebe Penamon ‘2010, NA
Ms. Linda Faye Prowell ‘1985, Jackson -Tougaloo Chapter
Dr. Frankie Southerland Ragland ‘1971, Chicago Chapter
Mr. Larry Small ‘1981, Leflore County Chapter
Mrs. Amanda Green Alexander Taylor ‘1998, Jackson Chapter
Mr. Frederick Lewis Washington ‘1979, NA
Dr. Dana D. West ‘2002, NA

New Subscribing Life Members
Mr. Cornelius D. Beasley ‘2008, Jackson Chapter
Ms. Linda Slater Clark ‘1981, Gulf Coast Chapter
Mr. Michael J. Cleveland ‘2017, Atlanta Chapter
Mr. Turry M. Flucker ‘1997, New Orleans Chapter
Atty. RaToya Janae Gilmer ‘2010, NA
Mrs. Emleigh Marilyn Mitchell ‘2000, Houston Area Chapter
Mr. Lemond Carrell Mitchell ‘2003, Houston Area Alumni Chapter
Ms. Margaret Elaine Saffold ‘1991, NA
Dr. Shawonda Smith ‘2001, Atlanta Chapter
Dr. Candace Carroll Wicks ‘2005, NA
Dr. Thea Hayes Williams-Black ‘1997, Houston Area Chapter

New Annual Members
Dr. Tanya Y. Bartee ‘1996, Memphis Chapter
Mr. Willie L. Bridgeman, Jr. ‘1971, Jackson Chapter
Ms. Amy Burkhead ‘2001, NA
Rev. Alvin C. Carter ‘2003, NA
Mrs. Deloris Coleman ‘1972, Greater New York Chapter
Mrs. Kimblyn Johnson Creese ‘1990, NA
Dr. Shahara Venece Dente ‘2006, NA
Mrs. Danielle Maurie Irma Donnelly ‘2018, NA

Mr. Sterling Dunkley ‘1989, Atlanta Chapter
Mr. Brian Wesley Harrington ‘2015, Jackson Chapter
Ms. LaDonna Harrell Harris ‘1988, Houston Area Chapter
Mrs. Valerie Robinson Hill ‘2000, NA
Mr. Eric Donovan Horn ‘1987, NA
Rev. Dr. Brian Anthony Jemmott ‘1982, Atlanta Chapter
Mr. Felix Stephen Lawson ‘1994, Atlanta Chapter
Ms. April Simone Love ‘2015, Gulf Coast Chapter
Ms. Harriet Michelle Martin ‘2007, NA
Ms. PaQuita S. McCray ‘1999, NA
Ms. Chineka McGee ‘2011, NA
Ms. Preamiller McKinney ‘2000 , NA
Mrs Janice Lathan Mitchell ‘1988, NA
Mrs. Nikita Nicholson ‘2011, NA
Ms. Shanna S. Pegues ‘1998, Gulf Coast Chapter
Dr. Teresa Mixon Perkins ‘1977, Tougaloo Community Chapter
Mrs. Ametra Brent Pleas ‘1996, NA
Mrs. Sondra Joan Custard Powell ‘1956, Jackson Chapter
Mrs. Juandalynn Lymon Rhodes ‘1992, NA
Ms. Ericka Rice Hillard ‘2001, NA
Rev. Cassius L. Rudolph ‘2014, Greater New York Chapter
Ms. Natalie Thompson Shepherd ‘1985, NA
Mr. Andrew Louvell Smith ‘1989, NA
Mrs. Lucille Coleman Smith ‘1981, NA
Mr. Houston Gabriel Sneed ‘2020, NA
Mrs. Jermesha Haywood Spiller ‘2010, Jackson Chapter
Ms. Markeita D. Stubbs ‘2006, NA
Ms. Melanie Harvey Sudduth ‘2007, NA
Mrs. Laquita Monique Davis Taylor ‘1990, NA
Mrs. Danese Frazier Turner ‘1985, Atlanta Chapter
Ms. Marnise Alyssia Webb ‘2012, NA
Dr. Hazel Lee White ‘1972, NA
Mr. Darren Lydell Whitehead ‘1990, Nashville Chapter
Ms. Andrea Wilkins ‘2009, NA
Mrs. Beverly Haywood Williams ‘1981, Tougaloo Community Chapter
Ms. Charlotte Reddix Williams ‘1991, NA
Mrs. Elisa Carmichael Wilson ‘2008, NA

In Memoriam 

Mr. Jonas Elbert “Bo” Bender ‘48
Mrs. Marvel Jenkins Lindsey ’52
Mr. Samuel Lamar Rhone '59
Mrs. Barbara Ann Wolfe Wardlow ’60
Mrs. Rose Knowles White ’61
Mrs. Maxine Turner ’63
Mrs. Dorothy Camille Wilburn McKey ‘64
Mr. Albert Holman Williams ’67
Mrs. Annette Jacobs-Henderson ‘70
Mr. Marvin Ducksworth ’71
Rev. Dr. Elijah Earl McGee ’71
Mr. Tommie McNeill ’74
Mr. Michael Jerone Brown ’75
Mrs. Debra Casey Paige ’75
Ms. Sallie Coleman Thornton ‘75
Ms. Deborah Varnado ‘77
Ms. Rosie Kinzey ’80
Mrs. Tela Wilson Collins '80
Mr. Odie Eugene “Zeke” Cannon ‘90
Mr. Bradley Anthony Smith, Jr. ’15
Ms. Valerie Chambers, former Tougaloo College employee
David Williams Russell, Former Tougaloo College Chief Financial Officer

“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.  In my father’s house are many mansions:  if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” John 14:1-3


Tougaloo College accepts three types of contributions: cash, noncash, and in-kind

Cash contributions include payments made by cash, check, electronic funds transfer, online payment service, debit card, credit card, payroll deduction, or transfer of a gift card redeemable for cash;

Noncash contributions are property with no restriction placed on them.  This includes publicly traded stock, clothing, wine collections, art, jewelry, antiques, collectible, automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, and even your home.  The amount of your deduction is generally the donated property’s “fair market value”.  The job of determining worth is the responsibility of the donor;

In-kind contributions are gifts of tangible goods or services that alleviate costs to Tougaloo College.  Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Goods like computers, software, furniture, and office equipment.
  • Services such as meeting space, photocopy and mail services, and administrative/financial support.
  • Expertise like legal, tax, or business advice, marketing and website development, and strategic planning.


What is or is not an in-kind gift to the College can be a point of confusion.
In-kind contributions are gifts of tangible goods or services that alleviate costs to Tougaloo College and can be used to advance Tougaloo’s mission.

 Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Goods like computers, software, furniture, and office equipment;
  • Services such as meeting space, photocopy and mail services, an administrative/financial support;
  • Expertise like legal, tax, or business advice, marketing and website development, and strategic planning.

Please note that such contributed services cannot be counted as a gift and do not qualify as a charitable tax deduction to the donor. However, a donor of services may be able to deduct expenses incurred while performing said services. In such cases, please consult with a trusted tax advisor.     [READ MORE]

TCNAA Branded Items - Non-Medical Face Masks Are Available Now


Non-medical, made of 100% Polyester XD200 fabric, 2 ply construction with a pocket to insert a filter. One size: MD/LG, available in red or blue, these adorable masks have a soft and breathable feel we appreciate. They fully cover the nose and mouth while the ear loops keep the protective material comfortably close to the face. Will fit different ages and face surfaces. Just wash by hand, air dry, and wear again.

Note: These masks are not medical grade and are not to take the place of the N95 masks. They are not suitable for use in a surgical or clinical setting or where there would be significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids, or use in the presence of high intensity heat source or flammable gas.

Order Here >>

$10.00 each plus shipping and handling  


Description: Lenticular printed (dual images on the front of the tag, contact information space on the back), 4.25 inch x 2.5 inch, plastic luggage tag. The tag comes with a 5.75 inch loop strap. The tag’s distinctive design makes it ideal for identifying your luggage, gym bag, brief case, backpack, laptop bag, golf bag and many more personal items. Order online at

$10.00 each, free shipping.

Seasons Greetings


Fellow Tougalooians,

May peace and plenty be the first
To lift the latch at your door
And happiness be guided to your home
By the candles of Christmas.

During the upcoming holiday season may you, your families and friends experience the abundance of God’s blessings.  Be safe and enjoy time with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Kwanza!
Happy New Year!