Farewell From President David Miller


Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends,

As our administration concludes its term, I would like to thank you for your support, dedication and service. The motto of our administration was “To leave the association in a better place than when we started.” Looking back over these three years, I believe that we have accomplished that task.

We have dedicated ourselves to advancing the association not only financially, but also in having an open and transparent administration. We worked through all problems and accepted responsibility for all missteps. We dedicated ourselves to being faithful and dedicated servants.

All achievements and successes we achieved were directly related to you, our alumni and friends. We thank you for your support and belief in our administration.

As the new administration takes office, we stand ready to assist and pledge our support of their efforts, goals, and objectives. And, we ask you, our alumni and friends to provide them with your support and financial assistance. Because if they are successful, the association benefits from their efforts.

I encourage the new administration to do better than we did, to achieve bigger successes, and to boldly take the association to greater heights. You are the captain of the ship. Steer us into deep and safe waters, avoiding all rocks and storms.

As I close, I want to again thank you and let you know that it has truly been my honor and pleasure to serve as President of TCNAA. And, I encourage all alumni and friends to join the association, participate in your local chapters, and contribute to our beloved Eagle Queen because together we can achieve more.

In the words of that old African Proverb: “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.”

God bless and stay safe. I am Tougaloo. You are Tougaloo. We are Tougaloo.

Yours for Tougaloo,

David E. Miller, Esq.