TCNAA is calling all officers and members to volunteer to serve on one of our Standing and/or Ad Hoc Committees.  The descriptions of these committees are outlined below.  Please know that most of the programmatic work associated with the Association is done on the committee level and not on the Board level.  If any alumnus wishes to volunteer for participation on one of the Committees, please feel free to reach out to Ro’chelle Williams, the TCNAA Board Secretary. Ro’chelle can be contacted via email at Thank you in advance for your participation.

ARTICLE IX  (Standing Committees)

Standing Committees of the Association shall be as follows and their terms shall be the same as elected officials. Common to all include requirements for transition of files and process from outgoing committee to incoming committee.

Commencement Steering Committee: Shall plan and implement alumni programs and activities for Commencement Weekend.
Membership/Reclamation Committee: Shall plan and implement programs and events that will stimulate Association membership and report membership status periodically during the year.
Bylaws Committee: Shall review the Bylaws and the Chapter Guide for updates and corrections annually.
Annual Alumni Giving Fund Committee: Shall plan and implement programs and events for the College Annual Giving Fund.
Scholarship Committee: Shall plan and implement the Association’s Scholarship and Loan Programs (see Chapter Guide, Section XV).
Hall of Fame Committee/Chapters of the Year awards: Shall plan and implement Hall of Fame/Chapter awards activities and programs (See Chapter Guide, Section XIII and Section XV).
Finance Committee: Shall plan the annual Association budget and monitor the budget monthly.
Audit Committee: Shall audit the Association’s financial operations annually.
Benevolence Committee: Shall send resolutions in case of death of Association member or immediate family member. See Chapter Guidelines Article XVI. Add item E (Resolutions Management).
Nominating & Election Committee: Shall coordinate all Association nomination and election matters.

Ad Hoc Committees: Shall adhere to the same rules and regulations set forth by the Association for the Standing Committees.

Alumni House Committee (Formerly Blue-Ribbon Committee):  Shall devise a plan and raise funds to build or refurbish the Alumni House to ensure that the facility can effectively serve the TCNAA, Alumni, and the staff.

Fundraising Committee: Shall establish fundraising goals and determine fundraising initiatives in conjunction with Advisor and Chapter Presidents that will generate additional revenue for TCNAA and Local Chapters.

Recruitment Committee:  Shall work closely with the Office of Enrollment Management, TCNAA Regional Representative, and Local Chapter Presidents to devise programs and initiatives that will assist with the college’s recruitment activities.