Chairwoman Message

Fellow Tougalooians:The Tougaloo

Alumni Community has shown that we are a strong body that goes above and beyond in supporting our beloved Alma Mater, Tougaloo College!  Our level of commitment in our financial and voluntary support has helped to sustain our institution over the years and most importantly during these perilous times.

Please know that TCNAA does not take your support for granted, as COVID-19 has affected many of us personally, as well as financially.  Our sacrifices have helped the College, which is enrollment and tuition-driven.  And it is important to remember that our student body is primarily dependent on scholarships and financial aid to attend this historical institution.

As Board Chairwoman, I continue to appeal to you to continue your support and to encourage other alumni to commit their support to our institution.   Let us put any issues we may have experienced during our matriculation at the College behind us and work tirelessly to maintain and sustain our “Dear Old Eagle Queen!”  We must remain vigilant, always being mindful that Tougalooians have and continue to make unprecedented accomplishments, nationally and globally!  My commitment to you is that the Board and the Executive Committee will continue to work in collaboration with the President and her Cabinet to ensure that Tougaloo College continues to be a magnet for outstanding students who want to matriculate at the best Historically Black College in the state of Mississippi!  Tougaloo College is not only remembered for its legacy of being the safe haven for the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi during the 1960s, but we are still making history as one of the highest rated colleges among all colleges in the United States!  We are recognized nationally!  We are small but mighty!  We are celebrating 151 years of excellence!  We will continue to step up our recruitment efforts, support our College, and our student body!  Tougaloo College is “that special place!” We will continue to strategize and plan as often as necessary via TAB, Zoom, text, e-mail, E-Blast, and phone calls.  As uncertainty looms, we must be forever mindful of all that we do!  At the end of the day, “We are Tougaloo!”

Tougaloo Proud!
Joyce Small Delk,’72