Board of Directors Chairwoman Message Fellow Tougalooians:

Fellow Tougalooians:

Thank you for your continued commitment and unwavering support to Tougaloo College during these unprecedented times. It is because of dedicated alumni like yourselves that our alma mater continues to excel, ranking among the most prestigious HBCUs. Most importantly, thank you for the support you have provided to the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association (TCNAA) Board and the organization during my tenure as Board Chair.

Tougaloo College continues to be “that special place” that we all hold dearly. Your support has played a pivotal role in providing the Board of Trustees, the President and her Cabinet, the staff, and the students the assuredness that Tougaloo alumni and supporters want this institution to remain relevant, viable and sustainable. As Board Chairwoman, I continue to appeal to you to financially support our alma mater, and to encourage other alumni to get involved and do the same. During the past year, the Board has continued to work closely with TCNAA President David Miller and the Executive Committee in collaboration with President Walters and her Cabinet to stay abreast and to support the College initiatives. Tougaloo College, like many other HBCUs, is tuition driven. We need to make every effort to increase enrollment, wear our college paraphernalia, attend college fairs, volunteer, advocate, and donate. Please be mindful that it is not always about the amount of money you contribute, but the number of alumni who make a contribution that makes a difference when the President makes the ask of corporations and other donors! Every little bit helps! We need to own Tougaloo, and as one alum put it, “Whatever we do, we should never forget dear ole Tougaloo!” Let’s put any issues we may have experienced while matriculating at the dear ole Eagle Queen behind us, and move forward. We all make mistakes, and will continue to do so, however, we must remember that if it were not for Tougaloo providing us with a quality college education that helped us to jump start our careers, where would most of us be? Let’s be vigilant! Let our support for Tougaloo be unwavering! Let’s work tirelessly to get Tougalooians back in the fold! Let’s work to ensure Tougaloo College is ranked in the top five of HBCUs!

The Board commends President Miller on his excellent leadership during the past three years. He has worked hand in hand with the Board and has done a yeoman’s job in leading the organization, spearheading fundraising efforts, representing us on the Board of Trustees, participating in college and other events, and galvanizing alumni. His high achievements will definitely challenge the new administration.

The Board will continue to do its part to work and strategize with its members to ensure that our combined energies are focused on the sustainability of this “special place” for another 150 plus years.


Tougaloo Proud!

Joyce Small Delk’72, MPA