House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Taps Tougaloo Alum Representative Bennie Thompson to Chair Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol

Frances Whiteurst

At press time, the TAB editorial staff learned that Tougaloo College alumnus Representative Bennie Thompson has been named by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to chair the investigation of the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol. According to NBC News, Rep. Thompson negotiated a bill that would have established a bipartisan commission to investigate the riot, but the measure was ultimately blocked by Senate Republicans in June.
NBC reports that other members of the House select committee include, Reps. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., Pete Aguilar, D-Calif., Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Elaine Luria, D-Va., and one lone Republican, Rep. Liz Chaney.

In a statement to NBC News, Rep. Thompson said the committee is “determined to assemble a comprehensive, authoritative report on events constituting the January 6th insurrection.” He told NBC that the panel will begin by hearing testimony from Capitol Police officers about their experience that day. [READ MORE]

The TCNAA 2021 Election Results:

Joyce Small Delk – 276
Felix Lawson – 166

Vice President:
Hosea James – 420
WI: Felix Lawson – 1
WI: Sylvia Gray – 1

Brian Harrington – 198
Rochelle Williams – 241

Herman Porter, Sr. – 423
WI: Sylvia Gray – 1

Alumna/us of the Year
Sylvia Gray – 122
James McQuirter – 162
K.C. Morrison – 78
Carolyn White – 73
WI: Felix Lawson – 1

Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees
Percy Anderson, Jr. – 157
Elane Coleman – 174
LeMia Jenkins – 112

Board of Trustees Approves New Tougaloo College Logo

Tougaloo College has used various image and text combinations as its logo (mark) over the past 151 years; however, none have been registered or protected under the law.  As a result, it has been a challenge to acquire contractual agreements that would allow the College to benefit financially from a trademark.

A recognized logo for the College will increase our ability to hold others accountable when it is used without permission. Nearly every college or university, public or private, has trademarked and registered some combination of its logo, font, name and color. It is time that the College gains control over how the institution’s name is or can be used in the marketplace for profit, including T-shirts, mugs, caps and other items produced annually. Without a licensing program, we don’t have a mechanism in place to ensure the College’s name, logo, and other marks are protected and used appropriately. Also, it is challenging to increase the College’s visibility through a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign without a trademarked logo.

In Spring 2020, the Tougaloo College Board of Trustees established the Trademark Logo and Lettering Committee to explore and recommend a logo. This step is vital to the College’s ability to develop its brand; the Tougaloo College brand. Our brand is vitally important because of the different audiences we communicate with: prospective and current students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, community leaders, and local and national media. In every form of communication we distribute—from printed news stories to e-newsletters and social media posts—it is essential that our branding remains consistent and represents quality and excellence.      [READ MORE]

2021 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Ro’chelle Williams, Chairman

The Tougaloo College National Alumni Association is proud to announce the following individuals will be inducted into the 2021 Hall of Fame.

  • Amanda Green Alexander, J.D. ’98 – Government & Law
  • Mrs. Freddi Williams Evans ’77 – Education
  • Dr. Alfred E. McNair, Jr. ’71 – Medicine
  • Mr. Paul Douglas McQuirter ’74 – Business
  • Dr. LaTonya Washington ’00 – Medicine

This year’s inductees continue to exemplify the spirit and legacy of Tougaloo College in their respective fields. We look forward to honoring them in October during the College’s 152nd Founders’ Week Celebration.

Congratulations to the TCNAA Election Winners

Joyce Small Delk '72 President
Hosea R. James '00 Vice-President
Ro'chelle D. Williams '14 Secretary
Herman U. Porter '73 Treasurer
James McQuirter ''64 Alumnus of the Year
Elane Coleman '70 Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees

From the Incoming TCNAA President

Fellow Tougalooians:

Thank you for entrusting me to serve as the next President of the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association (TCNAA). I am honored and I will work tirelessly not to disappoint. I follow in the footsteps of a group of great leaders who have paved the way, and I am enthusiastically awaiting to begin this journey. With your support, TCNAA can continue to grow its membership, support our historical institution and its leadership, and positively affect the lives of our students. Together, we can make a difference!
This administration will be one of transparency that extends across all generations. Over the years, I have established relationships and worked with many Tougalooians and I am extending an olive branch to TCNAA members and all alumni to become engaged and stay connected. There are many opportunities that await your input and involvement. Tougaloo College belongs to all of us and it will take the entire village to work together to keep our institution relevant, viable, and sustainable. Our institution has always stood among the best as a school of academic excellence with nationally acclaimed graduates. [READ MORE]

Alumni Message from President Walters

Dear Tougaloo Alumni,

We hope that you, your family, and your loved ones are healthy and well and enjoying the summer. It is hard to believe that we have been on this journey together for nearly twenty-three months—and what an exciting journey it has been! Thank you for your ideas, recommendations, and support that have helped cultivate success for our students and the special place you love and cherish—The Loo.

Our Strategic Planning Process is underway, and I am pleased to update you on our progress. National higher education strategic planning consulting firm CREDO is providing leadership and guidance to assist us with the development of Strategic Plan 2025. In addition, CREDO engaged the trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, and students in discovery sessions. In July, we will engage alumni leaders and business partners in discovery sessions. Input and ideas from all of our stakeholders will be critical to shaping the foundation for developing strategic goals and objectives for Strategic Plan 2025. Below is an overview of the strategic planning process timeline:

Leadership Team Retreat: CREDO engaged the leadership team in three days of activities reviewing essential context and existing information and exercises to dream about Tougaloo’s future to design the strategy map. (January 27th, January 28th, February 2nd)      [READ MORE]

Farewell From President David Miller

Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends,

As our administration concludes its term, I would like to thank you for your support, dedication and service. The motto of our administration was “To leave the association in a better place than when we started.” Looking back over these three years, I believe that we have accomplished that task.

We have dedicated ourselves to advancing the association not only financially, but also in having an open and transparent administration. We worked through all problems and accepted responsibility for all missteps. We dedicated ourselves to being faithful and dedicated servants.

All achievements and successes we achieved were directly related to you, our alumni and friends. We thank you for your support and belief in our administration.      [READ MORE]

TCNAA Administration Accomplishments and Highlights

(July 1, 2018-April 30, 2021)

  • Increased the TCNAA account balance from $15,000 to approximately $100,000.
  • Membership grows from approximately 600 to over 1,000. 
  • Quarterly Zoom meetings between the President of the College and the TCNAA Board of Directors of established. 
  • Increased the Raymond James (TCNAA Rainy Day) account from approximately $39,000 to approximately $52,000.
  • TCNAA contributed $88,875 to Tougaloo College for scholarships.
    • 2018 – $10,000
    • 2019 – $38,500
    • 2020 -$40,375
  • Sold approximately $6,400 in Luggage Tags and Masks, initiated by Chairwoman Joyce Delk (face mask) and Alumni Affairs Director Doris Bridgeman made referrals to the committee for luggage tags.
  • Netted $116,739.19 from the Hall of Fame Awards/Fundraiser
    • 2018-$35,313.65
    • 2019 -$31,831.01
    • 2020-$49,549.53
  • President David Miller represented TCNAA on the Board of Trustees of Tougaloo College on the Student Life, Health and Wellness, Physical Resources (Vice-Chair), Economic Development Corporation and Institutional Advancements Committees.
  • Alumni Trustee Elane Coleman chaired the College’s Logo and Information Technology Committees, served on the Executive, Student Life, Education Policy & Planning, Physical Resources committees & Economic Development Corp.
  • President David Miller represented TCNAA on the College’s Presidential Search Committee.
  • President David Miller served as a member of the UNCF/National Alumni Council (UNCF/NAC) National Alumni Association President’s Council representing the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association. 
  • Board Chairwoman Joyce Delk, Vice President Cornell Lynch and President David Miller conducted board training for the Chapter Presidents, Regional Representatives and Board of Directors of TCNAA.
  • Revived and published six (6) editions of the Tougaloo Alumni Bulletin.
  • Established the Alumni House Renovation/Build Committee.
  • President David Miller, Elane Coleman, Dr. Brigetta Turner and Shirlethia Franklin served on these committees: Executive, Education Policy & Planning, Enrollment & Student Services, Governance, Institutional Advancement, Owens H & W, Physical Resources, IT and Economic Development. Franklin was nominated elected to the Board by the Trustees in 2020.

    Registered TCNAA as a charitable organization with the Secretary of State of Mississippi.

Board of Directors Chairwoman Message Fellow Tougalooians:

Fellow Tougalooians:
Thank you for your continued commitment and unwavering support to Tougaloo College during these unprecedented times. It is because of dedicated alumni like yourselves that our alma mater continues to excel, ranking among the most prestigious HBCUs. Most importantly, thank you for the support you have provided to the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association (TCNAA) Board and the organization during my tenure as Board Chair.              [READ MORE]

Office of Alumni Relations Establishes “Eagles for Life” Young Alumni Program

Doris Bridgeman, Director of Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Relations is proud to announce the establishment of the 2021 Tougaloo College Young Alumni Program Initiative, “Eagles for Life” comprising the members of the Classes of 2010 to 2020. In the initial process, a Young Alumni Council Steering committee has been formed to implement the objectives of the program. The Council is comprised of former members of the Tougaloo College Pre-Alumni Council and Student Leadership associated with the Offices of Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement, along with the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association (TCNAA). The goal of the “Eagles for Life” Steering Committee is to develop and implement a Young Alumni Program that will engage alumni graduates between the years of 2010 and 2020 as equal alumni stakeholders, and to enhance the financial stability of the college through financial donations and in-kind services. Over the coming months, and into the future, members of the last decade of Tougalooians will have the opportunity to meet the following objectives:  [READ MORE]

FY2020 – 2021 ALUMNI GIVING REPORT (July1, 2020 – June 28, 2021)

Overall Alumni Giving Goal – $1,266,200
Total Alumni Giving Amount – $2,829,380.97 @ 230.74%
Alumni Participation Rate: 11% (730 alumni donors (donor goal: 1500))
Average Alumni Giving Rate: 60% (% of all constituent donations)

Links to Recent Tougaloo College Events

Missed an event from Commencement Week or Dr. Walters’ Investiture Ceremony? No worries, here are the links to this spring event:

Subscribe to the Youtube channel and keep up to date on all of the College videos.

Atlanta Chapter Update

Sterling Dunkley ‘89, President

The Atlanta Tougaloo Alumni Chapter congratulates and honors Atlanta alumni members, Dot Boler ’67 and Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon ’04. The Chapter recognizes Alumna Dot Boler with The ATAC Appreciation Award. Alumna Boler was instrumental in beginning the Tougaloo Atlanta Chapter. She also was one of the organizers of the TCNAA National Weekend that occurred in the 90s in Atlanta. Dot is very active in the Chapter and always gives of her time and service.

Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon is being awarded the ATAC Eagle Queen Award of Excellence. Alumna Hallmon is the founder of The Village Market Atlanta. Founded in 2016, the Village Market ATL has been a catalyst in bringing national exposure to black-owned businesses. The Village has become a staple in the city of Atlanta, an economic vehicle, and has coined the phrase, “Support is a Verb.”
The Atlanta Tougaloo Alumni Chapter is also looking forward to an in-person meeting in August. This meeting will serve as a welcome to recent graduates that have moved to the Atlanta area and a sendoff to students returning to the Eagle Queen.

New Orleans Area Tougaloo Alumni Chapter Salutes Clifton W. Jeffery ‘02

Clifton W. Jeffery, a native of Vicksburg and 2002 graduate of Tougaloo, has been a special agent of the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service since 2007. As a sworn federal law enforcement officer, he is responsible for investigating visa and passport fraud, protecting the U.S. Secretary of State and foreign dignitaries, and protecting official Americans and diplomatic facilities abroad.
 Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Jeffery has previously served in the Houston Field Office and the Boston Field Office. He currently serves as the Resident Agent-in-Charge of the New Orleans Resident Office. In addition to conducting dozens of criminal investigations, he has protected six Secretaries of State and other notable figures.
Internationally, he served in diplomatic missions in Pakistan, Botswana, Iraq, Eritrea and Syria. SSA Jeffery has received several State Department awards and recognitions including a 2011 Heroism Award ( In 2019, he was named Diplomatic Security Special Agent of the Year.            [READ MORE]

North Carolina Tougaloo Alumni Chapter

Dr. Angela Miller Gobar ‘76, President

Since the reactivation of the North Carolina Tougaloo Alumni Chapter in February, 2021, the following activities have taken place:

The following alumni were selected as Officers:

    Dr. Angela Miller Gobar, ’76, President
    Dr. Aja B. Gobar, ’03, Vice President
    Mrs.  Alysia Davis Osborne, ’99, Secretary
    Mr. David Oscar Groomes, ’81, Treasurer

The Chapter held an Alumni “Getting to Know You” Zoom Mixer in April.  The Mixer engaged alumni through Tougaloo trivia, and Tell Us About Yourself bingo.  Everyone had a great time; and, we learned more about one another, since our days at Tougaloo.  Alumna Aja Gobar and Eleanor Jones did an exceptional job coordinating this fun and enjoyable event.

Chapter President, Angela Gobar attended and participated in the TCNAA Annual Spring meeting.  During the meeting she gave an update on the NC Tougaloo Alumni Chapter activities.  Currently, chapter members are in the process of identifying other Tougaloo Alumni living throughout the state. The current membership is twelve (12).

Finally, the NC Chapter is exploring its first fundraising event. Members from the Triangle area: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are taking the lead. We look forward to providing more details in future updates.

What’s New from the Greater New York Tougaloo Alumni Chapter?

Courtney Newsome ‘04, President

In 2020 and the first half of 2021, the Greater New York Tougaloo Alumni Chapter participated in efforts to raise funds for the College and sponsored activities to inform students in the New York/New Jersey area of the many benefits of attending our beloved Eagle Queen and HBCUs/UNCF institutions. Personal accolades were also achieved by members of the chapter.
To raise funds for our institution, the chapter hosted an auction of items donated by members of the chapter and a local artist (including homemade blankets, gift baskets, and jewelry), held as an online virtual event. The event was spearheaded by chapter treasurer Evelyn Lewis and vice president Elane Coleman. A total of $1,761.50 was donated to Tougaloo’s 1869 Fund on behalf of the chapter. Sincere appreciation is extended to those who supported the event.

To raise awareness of the positive outcomes of attending Tougaloo, chapter president Courtni Newsome participated in a discussion/presentation along with recruiter Joel Swan, as part of a virtual HBCU information session for NYC-area high school guidance counselors and college access programs. During the session, personal stories were shared, and participants were able to gain insight into differences and similarities between Mississippi and the various areas of New York state. The chapter has recently been included in the Greater NY-Inter Alumni Council of the UNCF and will participate in activities to ensure that Tougaloo is represented.  [READ MORE]

Visit the Greater New York Chapter website at;

Houston Chapter Thanks David Miller for Exemplary Work as TCNAA President

Emleigh Mitchell ‘00, President

The Houston Chapter would like to thank outgoing TCNAA president, David Miller for his untiring service to the national alumni organization over the past three years. During his tenure, he and his administration have moved TCNAA to a new level of excellence. Miller says the three major accomplishments he is particularly proud of are: 1) Increasing the TCNAA account balance from $15,000 to approximately $100,000 which included netting over $100,000 with Hall of Fame events; 2) Increasing TCNAA membership from about 600 to over 1,000, and 3) Bringing back transparency and getting people involved in TCNAA.

Miller is not new in his dedication and diligent work for Tougaloo. Anyone who knows Miller knows he wears his love for Tougaloo on his sleeves and in his heart. Miller is a proud member of the class of 1972 and very much looking forward to celebrating his Golden Reunion next year. He is a charter member of the Houston Area Alumni Chapter. He was the Director of Alumni Affairs from 1994 to 1997, served two terms as Alumni Representative, served several terms as president of the Houston Area Alumni Chapter, was a Western Regional Representative for TCNAA, represented Tougaloo as a past National Alumni Council member for the UNCF and has the distinguished honor of having been inducted into the Tougaloo College Alumni Hall of Fame. He is the third TCNAA president from the Houston Area Alumni Chapter.  [READ MORE]

Visit the Houston Chapter website at


Visit the Houston Tougaloo Alumni Chapter’s website at :

Visit the Washington Area Tougaloo Alumni Chapter’s website at:

TCNAA Membership

New Life Members
Ms. Vernessa Alexander ’83
Mr. Jimmy Armstrong ’69
Mr. Trey Baker, Esq. ’06
Dr. LaTonya Jordan Bergeron ’97
Dr. Lela A Bridges-Webb ’71
Mrs. Johna Trigg Cary ’95
Ms. Marjorie Course ’61
Mrs. Mary Hales Cox ’70
Ms. Mary Evelyn Dailey ’82
Mr. James Willis Davis ’60
Dr. Akita Evans Edwards ’03
Mrs. Evon Grant-Nixon ’80
Dr. Gerri Johnson Gray ’69
Mr. Ronald Sebastian Hicks ’09
Mrs. Cheryl Hunter Hunter Shaw ’91
Dr. M. Deborrah Hyde ’70
Mr. Robert Jennings ’64
Dr. Adisa Jones ’71
Mr. Vatrice T. Lewis ’78
Mr. Michael Saunte’ McLendon ’92
Mrs. Brenda Wolfe Middleton ’66
Ms. Sandra L. Mitchell Miller ’72
Dr. Keith Miller ’88
Mr. Charles Molden Jr ’10
Honorable Carlos Diallo Palmer ’98
Mr. Clyde Redfield ’74
Atty. Willie Dewayne Richardson ’99
Mrs. Zakiya Olufemi Ross ’05
Mr. Alfred D Ross ’95
Rev. Lauren Victoria Russell ’11
Dr. Joyce Clark Scott ’72
Mrs. Barbara H. Smith ’70
Dr. Robert Smith ’57
Ms. Georgia Marie Strickland ’76
Dr. Leigh Hawkins Summerville ’92
Mrs. Chandra Grace Evans Swan ’05
Dr. Candice Graham Tate ’97
Ms. Sandra B Taylor ’72
Dr. Sterling S Thompson ’67
Ms. Barbara Garrett Thompson ’69
Mrs. Khira Turner ’99
Ms. Yumekia Ward ’99
Mr. Darren Lydell Whitehead ’90
Mrs. Patricia Rosenthall Whitlock ’73
Mrs. Lynnette Johnson Williams ’76
Dr. Thea Hayes Williams-Black ’97
Dr. Jeremy Willis ’96

New Subscribing Life Members
Mrs. Grejika Abram-Erby ’12
Mr. Elliott Maurice Anderson ’97
Dr. Yolanda Anthony Anthony-West ’85
Mrs. Cuvator Harvey Armstrong ’66
Mr. Henry Lee Armstrong ’66
Ms. Cheryl Denise Berry-Smith ’80
Dr. Gwen R Bouie-Haynes ’82
Mrs. Carolyn Johnson Boutte’ ’83
Ms. Tiffany Walker Brooks ’98
Ms. Tiffany Burks ’00
Dr. Robert Z. Carr, Jr. ’97
Mrs. Chancey Bass Caston ’99
Dr Bonita R. Coleman ’89
Mrs. Carrie Lapsky Davis ’64
Atty. J. Terry Davis ’73
Dr. Brandon M. Erby ’12
Mr. Marcus Anthony Freeman ’96
Dr. Ashalla Magee Freeman ’96
Mr. Thomas Warren Gray ’69
Dr. Theresa Bland Green ’76
Ms. Necole Johnson ’94
Mr. Frank Matthews ’65
Honorable Solomon C. Osborne ’70
Dr. Fernanda Onderal Parish ’95
Mrs. LaWanda Weatherspoon Parks ’92
Dr. Janice Lucas Peyton ’72
Mrs. Orbra Harrington Porter ’74
Mr. Herman Ulyesses Porter ’73
Mr. Bivian Lee Ramey ’11
Ms. Roslynn Renee Ramey ’15
Dr. Umekei Smith ’99
Ms. Lesley A Terry ’72
Ms. Sylvia Crumwell Thomas ’73
Mrs. Anitra C Tucker ’04
Mrs. La Shara Dionne Varnell-Smith ’95
Dr. Nikisha Ware ’95
Ms. Marnise Alyssia Webb ’12
Mrs. Regenia White-Robinson ’86
Atty. Henry E. Williams ’73

New Annual Members
Mr. Yunes A. Ali ’21
Angel Rafael Almora ’21
Ms. Erin Marie Anderson ’21
Mr. Sean Humphrey Atwater ’21
Ms. Terriyana Adaysha Bailey ’21
Madison Alaina Bibbs ’21
Destinee Kiana Bledsoe ’21
Ms. GerMya Bradley ’21
Mr. Ronell Irvin Brewer ’21
Miss L’Kedrica K Brown ’21
Miss Normanda LaShannon Brown ’21
Ms. Vanetta Vantrice Brownlow ’21
Miss Jaykanze N. Bryant ’21
Wahunia Bufkin ’21
DesJambreya Minne Butler ’21
Ms. Karry K Callahan ’21
Edetric Carthan ’21
Indigo Allita Cheek ’21
Jacory Kentrell Clayton ’21
Mr. Justin Lawrence Coleman ’21
Rachel Marion Coleman ’21
Rayliesha Michelle Conner ’21
Javon Allen Cross ’21
Raphael Daniels ’21
Ms. FreKeyLee G Davis ’21
Jazmine J Davis ’21
Jasmine A. Dickens ’21
Verkilra De’Monica Donelson ’21
Ms. Destiny Ivorianna Dorsey ’21
Ms. Samys Douglas ’21
Ms. Brittnie-lee Marie Duffus ’21
Mr. Scott Christopher Emerson ’21
Berthia l Enoch ’21
Miss Jordan Briana Evans ’21
Mr. Desmond Vincent Ferguson ’21
Miss Caitlin Taylor Fisher ’21
Ms. Kayela Franklin ’21
Ms. Tyra Melvashia Franklin ’21
Te’Jah D. Fuller ’21
Azah Cambrea Funches ’21
Ms. Monterius J. Gater ’21
Jaria Shirelle George ’21
Mr. Romans Samuel Grant ’21
Mr. Cameron D Grenell ’21
Jamesia Le’Nora Grice ’21
Ms. Krystal Georgia Gross ’21
Miss Alessandriel Harper ’21
Mr. A’mon Jorell Haynes ’21
Miss Ayanna Alexis Hill ’21
Keara Marie Hill ’21
Brittany L. Hughes ’21
Ms. Jalicia D Hughes ’21
Jasmine Ivory ’21
Mrs. Anisa R Jackson ’21
Mr. Jamil Ali Johnson ’21
Ms. JaQuayla Me’Anntria Johnson ’21
Kennadi K. Johnson ’21
Ms. Kaniya Lashai Jones ’21
Ms. Makaline Jones ’21
Miss Tyesha T Jones ’21
Mr. Emmanuel Mawuli Klutse ’21
Dennis R Kyles ’21
Keiphton Trevon Lampley ’21
Miss Khiara M. Lee ’21
Versace V.H. Lee ’21
Miss Jada Nicole Lewis ’21
Chaightlin Lashaun Lloyd ’21
Ms. Cyrra C McGee ’21
Ms. Haley Alese McHenry ’21
Mr. Damion Romario Mckenzie ’21
Mr. Daryl Ashley Mckines ’21
Mr. Patrick Anthony McKinney-Rankin ’21
Mrs. Elaine Mister ’21
Obadiah Dominicia Montgomery ’21
D’Anthony Ajuan Morrow ’21
Rashaye M Moss ’21
Sylvionna Maree Moten-Horton ’21
Mr. Kingsley Chigozie Nwaokorie ’21
Mr. Malcolm J. Odum ’21
Ms. Jalyn Jamilah Owens ’21
Michael Owiredu ’21
Terranie Christina Packer ’21
Mr. Benjamin Israel Parker ’21
Tia Patrick ’21
Mr. Samuel Patterson ’21
Ms. Jaquaveon Quanta Payton ’21
Deja Emani-Saddler Pegues ’21
Kyla B Perkins ’21
Sierra Lashae Phillips ’21
Ms. Jessica Renè Poston ’21
Miss Varah Aleya Potter ’21
Miss Kaitlin Nicole Powell ’21
Ms. Whitney Kimberly Proby ’21
Teryn E. Railey ’21
Shanterell LaQuaria Redd ’21
Ms. Rashonae Jakeria Rice ’21
Ms. Crystal R. Richmond ’21
Lakia D Ross ’21
Miss Christina A.K. Rouser ’21
Ms. Latisha Alexis Rudolph ’21
Lashayda S Sandifer ’21
Miss Jendaya Ambonisea Scales ’21
Lillian Rose Scott ’21
Di’Ovion Del’shonae Smith ’21
Dianesha K Smith ’21
Ms. Ivy Marie Smith ’21
Ms. Jaylyn Rosa Smith ’21
Kristen Camille Smith ’21
Kyla D. Smith ’21
Miss Mariquanna Monia Stewart ’21
Jamier Rashon Sumrall ’21
Mr. Victor Nathaniel Tate ’21
Anastasia Marie Taylor ’21
Miss Cedonia Sharee Thomas ’21
Ms. Deshara Vachel Thomas ’21
Roddarius D’Shun Thomas ’21
Jameesia Neekol Thurman ’21
Mr. Alf Freddie Tucker ’21
Miss Taylor BreAnn Turnage ’21
Paula L Wansley ’21
Ms. Frankeya Elisha Weatherspoon ’21
Nigel O. Weatherspoon ’21
Mr. LaShon P. Webb ’21
Ms. Enleyona Nickayela Weir ’21
Miss Malerie S White ’21
Mr. Levell F. Williams ’21
Mr. Montrell L Williams ’21
Brandi Shantrice Winters ’21
Miss Jakneceya Alexandria Womack ’21
Mr. LeDarius J. Woods ’21
Ms. ShonTaesha Zeigler ’21

In Memoriam 

Mrs. Annie Bell Blake Turner ‘47
Mr. Thomas Barnes ’52
Mrs. Mavle Jenkins Lindsey ’52
Mrs. Josiepearl Williams Whitfield ‘53
Mr. Harold Moman ’57
Mrs. Virginia Patterson Braden ‘59
Ms. Martha Ann Rice-Vaughn ‘59
Dr. Harold S. Dorsey, Sr. ‘60
Mr. James Wilson, Jr. ‘60
Mr. Robert Woodruff ‘60
Mrs. Delores Lewis ‘61
Mrs. Rose K. White ‘61
Mrs. Dorothy Camille Wilburn McKey ’64
Mr. Robert Lee Thompson, Jr. (aka “Fella”) ‘65
Mr. Morris C. Davis, Jr. Esq. ‘67
Mrs. Mary Goines Udoh ‘67
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Robinson-Singleton ‘69
Mr. Terry Wells ’71,
Mrs. Velma Tillman Champion ’72
Mrs. Linda Woods Cleary ’72
Mr. Ezzard Charles Stamps ’73
Mrs. Martha Darden Brown ’75
Mrs. Diana Johnson-Kowal ’84
Ms. Yvette Michelle Devine ’94
Ms Yvonne Thompson ’03
Mr. Adolph Jones, Jr, Former Tougaloo Student
Mr. Cordell Hughes, Former Tougaloo Student

“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.  In my father’s house are many mansions:  if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” John 14:1-3

TCNAA Branded Items - Non-Medical Face Masks Are Available Now


Non-medical, made of 100% Polyester XD200 fabric, 2 ply construction with a pocket to insert a filter. One size: MD/LG, available in red or blue, these adorable masks have a soft and breathable feel we appreciate. They fully cover the nose and mouth while the ear loops keep the protective material comfortably close to the face. Will fit different ages and face surfaces. Just wash by hand, air dry, and wear again.

Note: These masks are not medical grade and are not to take the place of the N95 masks. They are not suitable for use in a surgical or clinical setting or where there would be significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids, or use in the presence of high intensity heat source or flammable gas.

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$10.00 each plus shipping and handling


Description: Lenticular printed (dual images on the front of the tag, contact    information space on the back), 4.25 inch x 2.5 inch, plastic luggage tag. The tag comes with a 5.75 inch loop strap. The tag’s distinctive design makes it ideal for identifying your luggage, gym bag, brief case, backpack, laptop bag, golf bag and many more personal items. Order online at

$10.00 each, free shipping.

Join the Tougaloo College Bulldog Athletic Booster Club

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Cash contributions include payments made by cash, check, electronic funds transfer, online payment service, debit card, credit card, payroll deduction, or transfer of a gift card redeemable for cash;

Noncash contributions are property with no restriction placed on them.  This includes publicly traded stock, clothing, wine collections, art, jewelry, antiques, collectible, automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, and even your home.  The amount of your deduction is generally the donated property’s “fair market value”.  The job of determining worth is the responsibility of the donor;

In-kind contributions are gifts of tangible goods or services that alleviate costs to Tougaloo College.  Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Goods like computers, software, furniture, and office equipment.
  • Services such as meeting space, photocopy and mail services, and administrative/financial support.
  • Expertise like legal, tax, or business advice, marketing and website development, and strategic planning.


What is or is not an in-kind gift to the College can be a point of confusion.
In-kind contributions are gifts of tangible goods or services that alleviate costs to Tougaloo College and can be used to advance Tougaloo’s mission.

 Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Goods like computers, software, furniture, and office equipment;
  • Services such as meeting space, photocopy and mail services, an administrative/financial support;
  • Expertise like legal, tax, or business advice, marketing and website development, and strategic planning.

Please note that such contributed services cannot be counted as a gift and do not qualify as a charitable tax deduction to the donor. However, a donor of services may be able to deduct expenses incurred while performing said services. In such cases, please consult with a trusted tax advisor.    [READ MORE]