The Distinguished Alumni Award represents an attempt by the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association and Tougaloo College to carefully select and publicly acknowledge supportive alumni who have distinguished themselves in their respective professions. The committee will select five individuals each year based on their contribution and/or success in any of the following ten categories: Athletics, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Communication, Community Service, Education, Government & Law, Medicine, Religion, and Science.

2017 Inductees

Hosea R. James '00 - Business
Frank Williams, Jr. '74 - Community Service
Doris Durr Ross '75 - Community Service
Jesolyn Faye Larry Howell, Ph.D. '71 - Education
James Wesley Harris '61 - Education
Edith Smith Rayford, M.D. '79 - Medicine
Rev. Reginald Buckley '94 - Religion

The Committee will select the top five individuals representing the various categories.  Inductees will be chosen based on a point system.  Significant weight will be given to the nominees’ individual accomplishments, professional affiliations and certifications, publications, leadership skills and service and contributions to Tougaloo College.  Please be thorough in completing your nomination form.  While members of the committee might be familiar with some of the individuals that are nominated, our decisions are based exclusively on the information that is provided on the form.  All nominees must be notified and in agreement with information being submitted on the nomination form.  To confirm agreement the nominee must sign and return the reply form.  Faxed copies will not be accepted. 

All nominations for the 2017 Hall of Fame must be received by
 April 15, 2017. 

If you have questions, please contact:
Addie Hudson, Co-Chair, 312-735-3684



Alumni Chapters may submit Nominations. The Hall of Fame Committee or TCNAA may direct an individual to the nearest Alumni Chapter. Self-nominations can be submitted if there is no chapter in the area.

All nominations must be submitted online at:

Complete the Hall of Fame Nomination Form in its entirety. Consideration will only be given to nominees with completed forms. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Limit each nomination to one category per form. Submit a separate form for each nomination made.

The Selection Committee will make its decisions based solely on the information provided on the Nomination Form. Resumes and biographical sketches can be submitted as supporting documentation but will not be considered as an official nomination. Biographical sketches have proven helpful in publicity for inductees, but will not replace the required forms for the selection process.


Nominations may be submitted by the Alumni Chapters. The Hall of Fame Committee or TCNAA may direct an individual to the nearest Alumni Chapter. Self nominations can be mailed directly if there is no chapter in the area.

Not more than five inductees will be honored each year from five of the ten categories listed above.


Should be alumnus* of Tougaloo College.

Accomplishments in his/her field must be documented.

Contributions to Tougaloo (financially and in-kind services) must be documented.
Consideration will also be given to individuals we want to encourage to become financial contributors to TCNAA and Tougaloo College.

Must be present at the banquet in order to be honored (unless recognized posthumously). However, under extenuating circumstances as determined by the committee, an award may be given in absentia.

Must have a fifteen year span of departure from Tougaloo College. (Graduated or Transferred)

Must meet the Distinguished Alumni Award criteria.

A video presentation will be prepared for each inductee.

Hall of Fame Video Instructions

  1. Inductee must submit a headshot.  This picture will be the one that will appear on the front of the souvenir booklet and on the inductee's plaque
  2. The inductee must choose seven (7) pictures that are meaningful to him/her. The pictures selected should compliment his/her video tribute.
  3. Once the eight (8) pictures [1 headshot + 7 pictures], have been selected, they should be scanned or saved to a Picture CD(Walgreen or CVS) Inductee should remember to get photo sheet that comes with the Picture CD.
  4. The Video Tribute template must be completed. The inductee must understand that the biography sent for the souvenir booklet will not be read for the Video Tribute. If the inductee opts not to complete the Video Tribute Template, his/her biography will be edited at the discretion of the Committee.
  5. All of these items are to be mailed to the Hall of Fame Committee no later than August 1, 2017.


*An alumnus is one who has attended Tougaloo College, Southern Christian Institute or Tougaloo Preparatory School for at least one semester and left the College in good standing.

Click Here to open a nomination form online  < Official Hall of Fame Nomination Form>
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