Hall of Fame 2023

All Nominations for the 2023 TCNAA Hall of Fame must be submitted and received by midnight, Friday, June 30, 2023. Nominations may be submitted online at https://tcnaa.org/hall-of-fame-nomination-form/ or by mail, the downloadable form is available via (https://tcnaa.org/halloffame/2023TCNAAHallofFameNominationForm .pdf)

The TCNAA Hall of Fame Induction honors and acknowledges supportive alumni who have distinguished themselves in their respective professions. This distinguished recognition also publicly acknowledges and encourages other outstanding alumni to become supportive of TCNAA and Tougaloo College. Each year the committee selects five individuals based on their contribution and/or success in one of the following ten categories:

Athletics, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Communications, Community Service, Education, Government & Law, Medicine, Religion, and Science.

All nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed and scored in accordance with the Hall of Fame criteria.


  • Must be a graduate of Tougaloo College.
  • Must be accomplished in his/her field with documentation.
  • Must be able to provide proof of financial contributions to the college (both financially and in-kind).
  • Must be present at the banquet in order to be honored (unless recognized posthumously, with death occurring after submission).
  • Extenuating circumstances can be reviewed by the committee and an exception can be made for the award to be presented in absentia.
  • Must have a fifteen-year span of departure from Tougaloo College.

As you prepare your submissions, please adhere to the following deadline and considerations.

  •  All nominations must be submitted by midnight on June 30th, 2023. Submissions submitted after the June 30th deadline will be deemed ineligible for consideration by the committee. HOF applications that are incomplete or incorrectly submitted will also be deemed ineligible for consideration by the committee.
  • Each inductee is responsible for raising $10,000, as the Hall of Fame is the organization’s major fundraiser.
  • Each inductee will be provided 10 souvenir booklets by the committee. If additional souvenir booklets are needed, the inductee will have the option to purchase them from the printer.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at info@tcnaa.org

In truth and service,
Kerry Thomas, ‘07

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