About the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association

The objectives of the Tougaloo College Alumni Association (TCNAA) and its Chapters are: 

  • To Establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Tougaloo College and its alumni and friends;

  • To serve as an agency to interpret the mission of Tougaloo College to the public;

  • To serve as a clearing house for the employment of Tougaloo College alumni and students;

  • To recruit alumni and friends as supporters for Tougaloo College and TCNAA;

  • To recruit prospective students for Tougaloo College;

  • To sponsor and support programs and activities which will enhance the image, mission, interest(s) and ideas of Tougaloo College and TCNAA; and

  • To encourage alumni members and friends to make financial contributions to the Tougaloo College Annual Giving Fund. 

Membership  Eligibility guidelines for admittance to the TCNAA are as follows:

  • Any graduate of Tougaloo College or Southern Christian Institute;

  • Any former student of Tougaloo College, Tougaloo High School, Daniel Hands School, or former student of Southern Christian Institute;

  • Any individual holding an honorary doctorate degree from Tougaloo College is eligible for membership'

  • Any friend of family member of a Tougaloo College graduate who supports Tougaloo College by paying TCNAA dues; and

  • All graduating Tougaloo College seniors.

Membership is offered as follows:

  • Annual - to any person who pays TCNAA annual dues, with the exception of graduating seniors, who are offered one (1) annual TCNAA active membership free.  Thereafter, dues must be paid for continuing membership;

  • Life - to any person who pays life membership dues to TCNAA;

  • Honorary - to any person who has genuine interest in supporting Tougaloo College and who pays annual dues or life membership dues to TCNAA.

Membership Dues:

The TCNAA annual membership dues are $25 for regular and honorary memberships.  The TCNAA fiscal year is from July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the next year.

National Alumni Association dues are payable to TCNAA and should be mailed to

P. O. Box 288
Tougaloo, MS 39174
  • Life Dues are $500 to be paid one time or $100 per year on a 5-year payment plan.  This amount may change as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the TCNAA.

Voting Privileges:

  • A member is eligible to vote in elections if he/she is a current dues-paying member of TCNAA.

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